VIP Loyalty Program

Very Important Pet

Sparky* has been a loyal WVH pet for 5 years. This happy go-lucky dog receives his vaccinations annually and his owners, Frank and Cindy, make sure he is regulary treated for heartworm and flea prevention. He eats a great veterinary diet recommended by one of our doctors and purchased at Woodland Veterinary Hospital.

At 6.5 years of age, he began vomiting and had diarrhea that got worse everday. Frank knew he had accumulated an average of 100 points per year ($100 value), so they bought Sparky in for testing right away. Our team at WVH were able to diagnose pancreatitits quickly and recovered very well. We were all grateful that Sparky's treatment was covered in full, by VIP points.

*this is a hypothetical case - actual points value will be different for each pet.

1. Qualify

  • Clients who's pets are current on wellness visits and vaccinations,
  • Have been a Woodlawn Vet client for minimum of 12 months

2. Earn

  • 10% of pre-tax purchase total awarded as points
  • 1 point = $1.00 to be redeemed at a later date, for any pet on you file.

3. Redeem

  • Use points to pay for unforeseen veterinary expenses
  • Wellness visits, food, heartworm testing and vaccinations NOT eligible for points redemption.

Why Sign Up Now?

Owning a Pet is a big commitment and we want to help you keep you pet healthy and happy AND help you be prepared financially if your pet needs veterinary intervention.

Our VIP program can help our loyal clients bank rewards points to use in the future to help pay for things like in-hospital stays, surgery, diagnostic testing, prescriptions and more!


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