Terms and Conditions

VIP Loyalty program Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions: “I”, “me”, “my” or “client” means the Personal Applicant for the VIP Rewards Program, and the Primary Owner of the listed pets on the file; “Wellness Exam” means a physical examination performed by licensed practicing veterinarian employed by Woodlawn Veterinary Hospital in intervals not to exceed 16 months; “Preventative Care” means the minimum medical recommendation by a licensed practicing veterinarian employed by Woodlawn Veterinary Hospital in intervals not to exceed 16 months; “The clinic”, “you” and “your” means Woodlawn Veterinary Hospital. “Account In Good Standing” means the client file is not more than two (2) consecutive Account Statements periods past due and is not closed or in credit revoked status and all registered pets listed are within 16 months of an annual wellness exam (with or without vaccines administered). “Grace Period” means one (1) year from the first registered examination of the pet(s). “Account Statement” means the electronic statement of the Account’s points that you prepare bi-annually March 1st and September 1st and send me within 1 month of this time. “Program” means the Woodlawn Veterinary Hospital Very Important Pet (VIP) Program; “Statement Date” means the last day of the period to which an account statement relates; “Terms” means these VIP Program Points Terms and Conditions; and“VIP Loyalty Account” means a virtual account created and maintained by a tracking system imposed by and within Woodlawn Veterinary Hospital. The account will track point balances.

I agree with you as follows:

2. General Terms: These Terms apply to the Program. These Terms replace all prior terms and conditions with respect to the program

3. Acceptance of Terms: If I activate and sign, it will mean that I have read these Terms and that I have understood and agreed with you to everything written here. Notwithstand- ing any other section of these Terms, the posting of the current version of the Terms at www.woodlawnvet.ca shall be deemed notice to me of such Terms, where notice is required or permitted to be given hereunder.

4. Eligibility: i) The Program is available to me if I have an Account in Good Standing. Points in the VIP Program are solely for the benefit of the Personal Applicant, subject to the rights of the Co-Applicant to redeem Points as set out in Section 8 ii) Points in the VIP Program are solely for the benefit of the Primary owner of the pet(s) listed in their name. iii) While all pets listed under the Primary owner are automatically included (once the grace period and conditions have been met) in the Program for the purpose of earning Points, Co-Applicants, Authorized Users and Employees have no rights against you under these Terms, notwithstanding Co-Applicants’ ability to redeem Points as set out above. iv) If I am already on a discount program I can be transferred immediately, but will not receive an activation bonus and forgo my previous discount program.

5. Conditions required to meet the VIP Program qualification: I am an active client for a minimum of one year and adhere to the Preventative Care recommendations set out by an active licensed veterinary employed by Woodlawn Veterinary Hospital maintaining the minimal prevention health standards within a 16 month period for each pet listed in my Account and will have all required services performed at Woodlawn Veterinary hospital. This will include, but is not limited to, physical exam, core vaccines, non-core vaccines and preventative testing/medication as required

6. Points: i) The Program is based on Points. Points awarded in the Program have no cash value and do not constitute my property for any purpose. ii) The VIP Program Account is awarded one (1) point for every CAD $10.00 of pre-tax invoice totals during the operation of the Program. iii) One (1) point = one (1) Woodlawn Veterinary Hospital dollar. iv) Upon activation, points will automatically start to accumulate on all goods and services. v) An activation bonus up to a maximum of 50 points, based on 10% of the accumulation cost of goods and services excluding HST during the Grace Period.

7. Points Verification: i) A section of each of my Account Statements will show my Points transactions and balance (“POINTS STATEMENTS”). Bi-annually, I will examine promptly my Points Statement and each entry and balance recorded in it. If I do not notify you in writing of any errors in, or objections to, a Points Statement, or an entry or balance recorded in it, within sixty (60) days from the Statement Date indicated as such on the Account Statement, you are entitled to treat the entries and balance in the Points Statement as complete, correct and binding on me and you will be released from all claims that may be asserted by me in respect of such Points Statement, entries and balance. ii) I will not obtain any credit for erroneous or omitted Points transactions if I do not notify you of the error or omission within six (6) months of the date of the omitted transaction.

8. Records of Points and Rewards: Your records of my Points and/or Rewards shall be final, conclusive and binding on me. You may maintain any Points Statement or other document(s) to establish my Points transactions and balance and/or my Rewards at this time and anytime.

9. Use of Points: i) Points must be redeemed during the operation of the Program and during the time that my Account is an Account in Good Standing. ii) On the date I request my Points, the client’s Account will be debited the number of Points available for redemption. iii) The Co-Owner may redeem the Points in the VIP Program Account at any time. If the Co-Owner redeems the Points in the VIP Program Account; you may deem them to be doing so on my behalf, even if my Points are redeemed for the benefit of the Co-Owner or any other person. iv) You may, but are not required to, permit me to designate an authorized agent in your prescribed manner to obtain information from you regarding the VIP Program Account, redeem Points on my behalf, and generally give instructions to you regarding my participation in the Program. v) Points remain unredeemed as of sixty (60) days after the termination of the Program, or I voluntarily close my Account, may automatically be cancelled without notice to me and may not subsequently be redeemed, consolidated, converted, exchanged, combined or transferred. vi) A consolidation, conversion, exchange or combination of my Points with/to points or other loyalty programs with partners you designate from time to time, or transfer of my Points from the VIP Program to another eligible Woodlawn Veterinary Hospital Account shall constitute redemp- tion of my Points for all purposes of these Terms.

10. Redemption of points can be done at any time with the following limitations: i) Use of Points is limited to non-elective medical, surgical treatments, testing, medications, blood testing, dentals, euthanasia, x-ray and ultrasound. ii) Wellness visits, preventative Care, Heartworm testing and preventatives, food, nail trims, anal gland expression, cremation, do not qualify. iii) Referral centres, emergency clinics or any other entity practicing veterinary medicine, training or rehabilitation do not qualify. iv) No minimum requirement in terms of the number of points to be used during a transaction if points are available

11. Returns of Goods and Services: i) If a return of goods or services has been granted by the attending authorized personnel, the VIP Program Account will be credited the appropriate number of Points I redeemed for the goods or services. ii) I must retain all packaging and carton material for returns of goods.

12. Death/Divorce: i) Upon the death of any Personal Applicant who has been awarded Points on the Program, that Personal Applicant’s VIP Program Account will terminate, the Account will be closed and the Points in the VIP Program will be available for redemption by that Personal Applicant’s estate, if the Account is shared by a Co-Applicant, the Co-Owner of the pet(s) will be transferred into their name as the primary Applicant. ii) Points that have not been redeemed as of sixty (60) days after the Account is closed will automatically be cancelled and may not subsequently be redeemed. iii) Points will not be exchanged for cash and are not divisible in case of separation or divorce.

13. Use of Information: All collection, use or disclosure of personal information about me shall be in accordance with the applicable Account agreement and Woodlawn Veterinary Hospital Privacy Policy.

14. Waiver: Any waiver by you of the strict observance, performance or compliance by me of any portion of these Terms and any extension of time or other indulgence granted by you, either expressly or by course of conduct, shall not alter, affect or prejudice any of your other rights or remedies and shall be effective only in the specific instance and for the purpose for which it was given and shall be deemed not to be a waiver of any of your rights and remedies arising in respect of any other breach of these Terms. No delay or omission by you in exercising any right or remedy hereunder shall operate as a waiver of that or any other right or remedy.

15. Changing the Program and these Terms: You may change the Program and these Terms at any time without giving me notice. Program changes may include, but are not limited to (i) changes to any points (ii) changes to the Points required to be redeemed, (iii) changes to the formula which Points are earned, (iv) changes to qualification, or (v) maintaining VIP status.

16. Termination: i) You may suspend or terminate the Program at any time upon a sixty (60) day notice to me. ii) Should events beyond your control, such as strikes, acts of God, terrorism, civil disturbance, war or changes in economic or business conditions, materially affect your willingness to continue the Program as it is then constituted, the Program may be suspended or terminated, in whole or in part, and my Points may be cancelled without noticed to me and may not subsequently be redeemed or transferred. iii) You may, without notice, suspend or terminate my membership in the Program, cancel the Account and my Points upon (i) fraud or abuse by me relating to the Program, (ii) misrepresenta- tion of information to you, (iii) failure by me to follow these Terms or (iv) failure by me to earn any Points in any two (2) consecutive years. iv) If my Account is closed by you for any reason other than a voluntary request from me that you do so, then my Points may be automatically cancelled without notice to me. v) Failure to adhere to the annual wellness exam (with or without vaccines administered) will void the agreement. If 16 months elapses for any registered pet(s), I will be terminated from the program. vi) If all pets become inactive, regardless of reason, the account is closed and points accumulated cancelled. I may re-qualify for the program at a later date.

17. Communications: So that I do not miss any communication from you about the Program, I will immediately notify you of any changes to my mailing address and other contact information I may have provided to you in connection with the Account. You shall have no liability for any misdirected, lost or delayed mail resulting from my failure to provide you with such notice. You may also communicate with me electronically and any notice or electronic statement of the Account you provide to me, or agreement we make electroni- cally, will be considered to be “in writing”, signed and delivered for all purposes.

18. Interpretation: All questions or disputes regarding the Program and the interpretation of these Terms will be resolved by you in your sole discretion.