COVID-19 Update

We appreciate that these are difficult times for us all, and we value your continued support and understanding as we navigate this uncharted territory in the world of Veterinary Medicine.

What hasn’t changed is our desire to be here for you and your pet. It is our commitment to continue providing quality service and tailored medical care.

If you have any questions about the following protocols/policies please don’t hesitate to contact us at 519-821-6565.

  • We have resumed services for all your pets’ medical and preventive care needs.

  • If here for an appointment, pick up or purchase, please remain in your vehicle and call us upon arrival, our phone number is posted on the front door.

  • For appointments, a staff member will come out to your vehicle, take a brief history, and accompany your pet into the clinic once we are ready for them.

  • Please bring a mask to wear in the event we need to speak with you at length.

  • We ask that you remain outside the clinic, in your vehicle, or close to it until the exam is complete.

  • If there are any questions upon completing or during the exam, the Veterinarian will call you, or come out to discuss their findings, consent for any procedures or medications will be obtained verbally then.

  • Once the exam is complete a Technical staff member or Veterinarian will return your pet to your vehicle and go over any medications/instructions for care.

  • Billing will be performed by the Receptionist at that time, preferably over the phone, by credit, Debit Visa, or Debit Mastercard.

  • If you must pay by debit and do not have Debit Visa or Debit Mastercard, we can bring a debit machine out, ideally for a TAP purchase.

  • Protocols for surgeries are similar but will be confirmed by our staff upon booking.

  • For prescription requests, please call 24 hours in advance.

  • Whenever possible please call ahead to have food/treats put aside or ordered, this will help to ensure we have what you need ready for you. Pre-payment is encouraged whenever possible.